Finland’s most spontaneous, individual and sympathetic Rock festival takes place 14.- 15.8.2020 in Kotka, Finland. Followed by last August’s attendance record, “miniatureNummirock” is again pleased to invite all the hard rock and metal enthusiasts into woods of Honkala for the most heartwarming summer’s end celebration.

Unlike in the previous years, festival’s agelimit is this time K-18.

Ticket prices:

Early bird 2day ticket starting from 38,50€(includes service fee)
(sold only till 28.2.2020)

PRESALE 2day ticket starting from 45,50€(includes service fee)
PRESALE Friday 14.8.2020 starting from 29,50€(includes service fee)
PRESALE saturday 15.8.2020 starting from 29,50€(includes service fee)

BOX OFFICE 2day ticket 50€
BOX OFFICE Friday 14.8.2020 ticket 35€
BOX OFFICE saturday 15.8.2020 ticket 35€

Other info:

All senior citicens has a free entry to the festival, if the person can validate their seniorship thru finnish KELA.

Wheelchair/persons with vision loss:
Persons that are in a wheelchair or have severe vision loss can bring an escort to aid them for free.

DARK RIVER FESTIVAL is age liit K-18 festival, prepare to prove your age at the gate with Valid ID(EU drivers license, ID card or Passport)

Festival bus
There will be scheduled festival bus from Kotka City centre and Karhula Centre to Festival area and back. Bus Schedules will be announced later in this spring.