Dark River Festival 2024 Camping


1. Camping is allowed only at the official campsite and the campground is for Dark River Festival visitors only. Campers must have a festival tickets that will be checked upon arrival.

2. Each person staying in a tent or a caravan area should purchase their own personal accommodation wristband. only with the wristband, the customer has free access to the campsite

3. traveller needs to fill in check in card with his/hers information. Camping ticket will be exchanged to camping bracelet. 

4. In order to camp, you will need a tent or a caravan place in addition to the accommodation wristband.
NB! More people can stay at the tent or at the caravan site with the same camp site price. Everybody on the camping site has to have a camping bracelet. 

5. If the campsite is sold out, you can no longer buy tickets even for a tent that is already in the area. So, please buy your entire tent party tickets at once!

6. The maximum tent size is 4m2 (four square meters), however, please leave the largest tent structures at home. Separate villa tents, tent canopies or pavilions may not be built on top of tents.

7. One car or a van with a maximum length of six (6) metres, can be parked next to the tent. Caravan parking is prohibited in tent areas. Please note that if you leave the area by car located at the tent site, we will charge a new parking fee upon arrival.

8. The Maximum length of the caravan trailer is 8meters, not including the car. If you are planning to arrive with a longer vehicle/trailer please contact before purchase the festival team at info(at) We go through these applications on a case-by-case basis. If you have not contacted us in advance and arrive by bus or with a +8 meter long motorhome/caravan, Dark River Festival has the right to refuse access to the Caravan area and in this case, the venue fee is non-refundable. So please contact us in advance.

9. One car with a maximum length of 6 meters, is allowed to park next to the caravan.

10. The distance to the next tent/car/motorhome/caravan must be at a minimum of 4 meters at campsites. This is the decision of the rescue authority.

11. Please note that if you leave the area by camper van, we will charge a new parking fee upon arrival.

12. Garbage belongs to the dumpsters that you can find at campsites. Do not leave trash on the ground, the campsite is not a dump.

13. All camping accommodation areas are for Dark River Festival 2023 guests only, specifically, camping areas can only be accessed and accessed with a Dark River Festival wristband + personal accommodation wristband. Visitor has to have both, festival and personal accommodation wristband at all times and those has to be presented when asked by the staff.

on camping site, there will be camping style showers available, porta pot style toilets, fire place(with reserve, depending the current forrest fire restrictions), bins and charging place for cellphone charging.

The camping area has toilets, a garbage point, a fireplace (with reservation, the forest fire risk may prevent the making of an open fire!), a garbage point, and a cell phone charging point.

Campers can use the showers in the maintenance building on the festival grounds from 9-12 every day. The showers planned for the campsites will not be realised for production reasons.  The showers have separate men’s and women’s areas. 

Camping area opens Thursday 8.8.2024 at 14:00 and closes at Sunday 11.8.2024 klo 15:00, camping site has to be cleared latest at that time.

The Campsite is K-18

Camping prices 2024

We are redesinging our camping areas, please check back soon.

All prices include VAT 24%



Summer 2023 Dark River Festival has two camping sites.
Camp Dark River – tents Camp Tuonela – for caravan vans.