”All in all the festival was well arranged, and it’s difficult to figure out anything that should be improved!”

Finland’s most spontaneous, individual and sympathetic rockfestival Dark River Festival takes place 8/13/2021-8/14/2021 in Kotka. Year after year breaking it’s own attendance records and fascinating with wide variety of rock- and metal genres, the festival again invites all the headbangers to the woods of Honkala for a summer’s end celebration like no other.

Next year’s line-up strenghtens with two foreign visitors: portugese Moonspell unleashed it’s elegant and somber image to the metal world over 25 years ago with two instant genre classics Wolfheart (1995) and Irreligious (1996). Their forthcoming ”dark and revolutionary” album Hermitage is set to be released at the end of February. A year ago, band’s both finnish gigs did sell out in advance.

”When The River Calls!” Finnish audience has been eagerly waiting for the return of swedish kings of progressive yet atmospheric metal Evergrey, since band’s last concert in these latitudes took place in 2015. Despite the swedish gentlemen’s long career, Nordic Metal Cruise 2019’s most anticipated performer is at the peak of it’s success, and ready to introduce their new chapter Escape Of The Phoenix at the end of February.

Also the friends of faster pace are getting what they deserve, as the line-up will include Wintersun -guitarist Asim Searah’s melody frosted death metal miracle Damnation Plan, Dark River Festival’s constant visitor killing core patron Rytmihäiriö, northcore sensation Atlas and metalcore maniacs One Morning Left that are infamous ensuring the bad taste and the party everywhere they go.

Among these great artists also thrashing mad: the despot of melodic doom metal Swallow The Sun, folk -influenced trollmetal ambassador Finntroll, the Swamplord of Pudasjärvi better known as Kalmah, melodic death metal tornado Mors Principium Est, recently resurrected myGrain and finnish-sung dark folk sensation Vorna.

The presale tickets and highly limited VIP –tickets are on sale Now. Also reminder that the Friday tickets of two previous years did sell out…not to mention DRF2021’s Black Friday- and Early Bird –tickets that both sold out in record speed…so be quick! Still few bands remain secret, including the last of the headliners. During the festival weekend we shall witness a  total amount of 19 bands.

Also introducing the brand new Kaaoszine -mainstage, which means the festival area contains two stages filled with full band performances all day long. We have heard Your voices, and based on Your feedback the festival area will remain as spacious as last August, and besides that all festival facities will be improved and diversed. VIP -area got lots of praise and will also remain as part of the area also next year.

Dark River Festival will follow health authorities instructions very precisely. The high standards for hygiene and safe encounter of people are assured. Thanks to the wide festival area, it is easy for everybody to keep distance if needed.

Unlike in the previous years, the campsite will be this time chargeable, which offers the organization an opportunity to provide various different comfortable options to stay overnight near the festival area.

Next year’s event is K-18.